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Lamina Wheat Grass(Orange) 100Gm
Wheatgrass is enriched with Chlorophyll, 13 macro minerals, 75 Trace minerals, All the 20 Amino acids, 13 Vitamins, Enzymes, Flavo ... Read More
Lamina Spirulina 60 Caps
Spirulina rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, anti oxidants & chlorophyll. Spirulina helps built immunity, Improves haemoglobin ... Read More
Lamina Moringa 60 Caps
Moringa are a good source of proteins, calcium, iron, b-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E. Relief from Gas & Indigestion, Weight loss ... Read More
Lamina Face & Body Cream
The Lamina Face & Body Cream makes the skin feel soft, supple and young as it is made of pure natural ingredients like Rose water, ... Read More
Lamina Arjuna 60 Caps
1. Control Cholesterol.
2.Keeps Diabetes in check
3. Cardiac Protection
4. Has an anti-flammatory properties
5 ... Read More
Lamina Noni:Morinda 60 Caps
1. Works as Immune booster
2. Acts as Anti aging
3. Supports as metabolic system
4. Anti inflammatory & Ant ... Read More
Lamina Somnifera 60 Caps
1. Reduce stress and increase endurance
2. Ease arthrities pain
3. Fight depression and mood swing
4. Act as an ant ... Read More
Lamina Triphala 60 Caps
1.Relief of constipation
2. Immune system stimulation
3. Improvement of Digestion
4. Treatment of Diabeties.
5 ... Read More
Lamina Nutrocino Capsule (1+1) Pack
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